Imagine, create and turn your set into different furniture setups in minutes!
Inflair has a range of four comfortable lounge sets. Due to the connector and its unique click-and-connect system every lounge set gives you the opportunity to create various sets. Just the way you like it. The sets are modular and easy to assemble into any combination you prefer. Do you want to be lazy and relaxed? Create a chaisse longue. Expecting visitors? Set up a cozy corner seat or a couch with two separate chairs. You can transform the set in no time. Start to combine and discover all the possibilities!

- Portable and lightweight
- Modular sections; create various sets
- Easy to transport; fits in the trolleybag
- High quality and durable materials
- Strong, innovative patented construction
- Weather- and UV-resistant
- Luxurious and elegant appearance
- Comfortable, adjustable seating
- Easy to store and clean
- No tools are required to assemble
- Easy to inflate, airpump included
- Perfect for camping, garden and in/outdoor